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Small Business Retirement Plans

The needs of a small business are different from the needs of large corporate plans. We work with all types of business', however, we focus on small business owners of highly concentrated business. We have expertise in existing plans and start up plans. 

At Total Wealth Advisors We Provide the following Retirement Planning.


  • Conduct enrollment and ongoing educational meetings
  • Present Capital markets updates
  • Answer questions about your plan


  • 3(38) Investment Manager – select, monitor and update available investment options
  • Plan analysis regarding plan’s goals and objectives
  • Establish a process to assist you in maintaining your fiduciary audit file


  • Plan conversion and implementation
  • Coordinate operational requests
  • Provide ongoing administrative relationship and employee support
  • Assist with conducting periodic reviews of your plan’s policies and procedures


  • Coordinate with record keepers and TPA's.
  • Serve as liaison to your plan’s other service providers
  • Help plan for and attend plan committee meetings


  • Individual Financial Planning for Key Employees and Owners 

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